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CEDARCREST CONFERENCE CENTRE has operated since 1995. Since it began, CEDARCREST has provided a venue for a wide variety of events including spiritual retreats; leadership seminars; workshops on family issues; professional development workshops; and theology and philosophy courses. This facility has been used by thousands of people from all walks in life. Women, men, students and priests attend these activities to help deepen their faith and be encouraged to influence society by imbuing their work with a real spirit of service.

The Spiritual activities offered at CEDARCREST CONFERENCE CENTRE are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. The activities held at CEDARCREST reflect a Christian outlook on life and culture. Through a wide variety of programs – men and women in any stage of life, are inspired to live Christian virtues in their everyday professional and family lives.



(519) 927-9944

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